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-vehicle tracking

-Car alarms and bike alarms

-Turbo timers

-Cutout switches

-Vehicle wiring

-Vehicle service

-Solenoid valve

Our products

Car alarm package

Car alarm installation in Greater Vancouver is an investment for any car owner., car owners need a security installation system as cars are a natural target for thieves. The car alarm systems main purpose is to keep away car electronic thieves. Car manufacturers and car owners have found it important to enhance the security of their cars by installing car alarms.

Remotely central locking
.trunk release function
.Emergence override

turbo timers

turbo timer can keep an engine running for a pre-specified period of time, to automatically provide this cool-down period. Oil coking is also eliminated by foil bearings. A more complex and problematic protective barrier against oil coking is the use of water-cooled bearing cartridges. The water boils in the cartridge when the engine is shut off and forms a natural re circulation to drain away the heat. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to shut the engine off while the turbo and manifold are still glowing.  

Vehicle tracking package

  1. Car Tracking Via SMS and GPRS from Mobile and computer
  2. Engine cut off directly from Mobile and Computer
  3. User Name and Password to access our Online Vehicle Tracking System
  4. Power Backup up to 4 days
  5. Mileage Reports
  6. Vehicle Location Using Mobile Phone and computer
  7. Power Disconnection Alert 
  8. Vehicle Stoppage  report
  9. Real-time Location Reports
  10. Speed Reports
  11. History Reports and Vehicle Route Playback
  12. Geo fencing features
  13. vehicle fuel consumption reports

vehicle immobilizer

it is installed in the vehicle in order to control the vehicle in case of theft

cut out switches

This is an automatic switch that is hidden it is used during ignition  once a thief has entered your vehicle  he will not be able to start your vehicle